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Struggling to Maintain a Healthy Lawn?

Look no further than Brumfield Seeding and Landscaping in Bedford & Clarinda, IA and Maryville, MO.

Having trouble keeping your yard looking full and lush? Or are you struggling with an area on your property that continues to experience erosion? If either of these situations sound like you, than hydroseeding may be just the right fit! Hydroseeding is a blend of nutrients, seed and pure wood fibers that help the seed bonds to your soil. Although this seems like a fairly easy application, save yourself time and money by calling the experts out to have this performed right the first time!

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What is hydroseeing?

Hydroseeing is a process that combines seed and combination fertilizer, moisture rentention polymers and water to form what is referred to as 'slurry'. This slurry is then sprayed onto the ground where you are wanting to grow vegetation. You do not have to worry about whether or not you have covered the right location because the slurry is a bright bluish-green that cannot be missed! It is important to pack the earth and soil before applying the Hydroseed to ensure it bonds and will not be washed awaywith the next downpour.

We also offer sod, broadcast, and interseeding. To learn more about the best seeding offer for you and your property call to speak with one of our seeding experts today!